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My goal is to help you learn the content and the skills to succeed in your math and science courses. Math content includes definitions, equations, formulas, and theoretical understanding of the course material. Skills include notation, manipulation of equations and formula, and study and memorization methods to help you apply the content during quizzes and tests.      top


In new or difficult undertakings, success depends largely on your ability to concentrate and work diligently towards your own goals. In college, this usually means understanding the theory and practicing strategies that will help you successfully complete all the assignments required for the class. As we work through example exercises you will be better prepared to understand the lecture material and we will focus on strategies tailored to your personal learning needs. However, I cannot guarantee that you will pass your class — that depends on you.

"So, why should I use a tutor?"


Privacy Policy

I do not share my students names or contact information with anyone.

A student's progress is private. I follow the Federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act. If your parents want to know whether you've been receiving tutoring or how you are doing, you must give me specific permission to share this information, even if your parents are paying.      top

Non-Discrimination Policy / Accommodations

It is not my intent to discriminate against anyone. I am not concerned about your gender, skin color, sexuality, marital status, parental status, abortion stance, religion, absence of religion, spirituality, facial piercings, tattoos, hair style, hair color, weight, height, age, economic circumstances, etc.

If you have a particular need, such as wheelchair accessibility, low vision accessibility, a personal learning style, etc., please note this when you contact me so that I can prepare properly.

If you feel you are unable to pay, but need tutoring services, contact me to discuss your situation.

If you are generous and feel you could sponsor a person for tutoring, please contact me; I can find a scholarship recipient and you will become a NobleTutor-OpenSource-TutoringFriend. One day I hope to model and run my entire tutoring business on an Open Source model.      top

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