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Contact me to ask a question. If you're thinking it, someone else probably is too! Your answer may end up here to help others.

Can you meet me on campus?

Yes. We just need a location that's fairly quiet where we may talk. Please understand that my rates are higher when I travel to campus and my availability for travel is limited. You can read more about this and my travel rates on my rates page.       top

Can you meet at my house?

Yes, I do make house calls. However, scheduling is more flexible if you are able to come to my New Paltz office. Also, houses can be full of distractions but my space is free of those barriers to effective studying. You can read more about about this and my travel rates on my tutoring rates page.       top

How should I pay you?

I accept cash or checks payable to "Leigh Noble". Sessions can be pre-paid with a package or pay-as-you-go. Pre-paid students have priority in scheduling, but I try to accommodate everyone. Your hourly rate is locked in at the same rate as your first package.       top

Can you help my high school student?

I can enrich gifted adolescents and support struggling college bound students. Contact me to discuss your teenager's needs.       top

What days do you work? Do you work weekends?

I generally tutor every day — weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Most Wednesdays are busy with administrative tasks. However, I strive to be available at times convenient to you, so just ask for the time you need.       top

Do you have any pets?

No, so you can feel confident about being free from pet allergies at my home office.      top

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