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Math Skills

I have a doctorate degree (PhD) in mathematics from the University of Kentucky. I've taught a variety math courses to undergraduates and can tutor any undergraduate math class.

In addition, I studied engineering mechanics and material science during the process of earning my doctorate in math. I am able to assist with math-intensive science and engineering coursework.       top

Tutoring Skills

In 1994 my math professor recommended me to tutor a high school student in geometry. That was my first paid math tutoring experience! I've tutored many people since that time and found each experience rewarding. Teaching college courses gave me further experience with individual and small group instruction. It's great to hear someone report that they succeeded on an exam because of working with me.

Recently I have tutored students in Calculus I, II, III, Precalculus, Geometry, Business Calculus, College Algebra, Statistics, GRE review, ASVAB prep, Regents Algebra II and Trig, Introduction to Proofs, Differential Equations, AP Physics , Regents Physics, AP Calculus (AB) and (BC), and Actuary Preliminary Exam (P/1). I have both breadth and depth — contact me to see how I can help you reach your goals.       top

Background and Further Info

The best place to get more information about me is through my personal website leighnoble.org or by asking through my contact page. You can also look at my math genealogy page.       top

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